Careers in health are focused on different subjects, like preventing, diagnosing and treating patient’s medical aspects, in order to improve their health.

A lot of students are attracted to study this career, but sometimes, they think that the only option is to study Medicine. This isn’t correct, since Medicine is one of its careers, and students have more options to choose from.

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So, if you’re thinking about studying a career in health but aren’t quite sure what to choose, read on!

  1. Nutrition:

In this major you will learn about how our physical activity and diet impacts our body. You will study subjects to understand different aspects like exercise, nutrition, psychological and physiological implications in order to set healthy behaviours in your patients.

At University of Playmouth in England you can study the BSc (Hons) Nutrition, Exercise and Health. It’s a three year programme in which you’ll learn biomedical investigation, nutritional science, applied exercise science, psychobiological and Cognitive Aspects of Health Behaviour and more.

See more details about this career here.


  1. Public health:


This career is aimed to people highly interested in protecting other people’s life.

Its application is wide open; you can work as a public health practitioner, sexual advisor or even focus on research.

The programme will take three years and you’ll get to learn about population health, epidemiology, health systems and more.

You can study this bachelor at Anglia Ruskin University in London. To learn more about it, click here.



  1. Mental health nursing:


In this programme you’ll learn how to support recovery process, helping the lives of others and you develop therapeutic skills required to help the patients.

You will be able to build therapeutic relationships and work with different techniques and methods to assist the users.

You can study this career at University of Playmouth. See more details about this career here.


  1. Physiotherapy

This field of study will help you understand the human body in an advanced way. Once you do it, it will be easier for you to examine your patient’s bodies and advice them about different routines they can do in order to improve their physic conditions.

Learn how our bodies maintain internal equilibrium and health while exposed to the most variable range of conditions, such as physical, psychological and environmental factors.

You can study this at Academy For Distance Learnig.


There are much more careers you can go for! Search in our educational catalogue the right one for you and embark into this path!

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