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Food Industry - Quality Assurance - HACCP - ISO 22000


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Course programme

Course description

  • The Doctrine of Liability

  • The "Total Accountability"

  • Management and Product Quality

  • Organizational Plan

  • Total Quality Program

  • The Working Environment

  • Workers

  • Managers and Supervisors

  • Building Teams of Empowered Employees

  • Employee Training

  • Work Teams and Empowerment

  • Quality at the Source
  • Steering Committees or QC Circles
  • What Is Quality?

  • Dimensions of Quality

  • Standards of Quality

  • Methods for Determining Quality

  • Subjective Methods

  • Objective Methods

  • Differentiation between Cell Types Tissue Types, and

  • Microorganisms of Various Stored Foods

  • Official Methods of Analysis in the Food Industry

  • The Association of Analytical Communities International

  • The American Association of Cereal Chemists

  • The American Oil Chemists' Society

  • The American Public Health Association

  • The American Spice Trade Association

  • Total Quality Management

  • Theories and Application

  • The Concept of Total Quality Management

  • The Basis for Superior Quality Performance

  • TQM and ISO

  • The Structure of TOM

  • The Principles of TQM

  • The Steps to TQM

  • Total Quality Management Tools

  • Statistical Analysis Tools

  • Datasheet

  • Cause-and-Effect Diagram

  • Scatter Diagram

  • Flowchart

  • Histogram

  • Control Than,

  • X-Bar and R Charts

  • p-Charts

  • np-Charts

  • Other Types of Charts

  • Management and Planning Tools

  • Affinity Diagrams

  • Interrelationship Digraphs

  • Tree Diagram

  • Matrix Diagram

  • Matrices

  • Process Decision Program Chart

  • Activity Network Diagram

  • Gantt Chart

  • Entity-Relationship Diagram

  • TQM Vision and Mission

    Integrated Business Plan

    Some History of Total Quality Management

    The Pioneers of Scientific Quality Management

    Frederick Taylor

    Walter A Shewhart

    W Edwards Deming

    Joseph MJuran

  • Armand V Feigenbaum

    Philip B Crosby

    The Japanese Contribution

    Kaoru Ishikawa

    Genichi Taguchi

    Quality Circles

    Present Utilization of TQM Programs

    Quality and Business Performance

    Service Quality vs Product Quality

    The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

    The Malcolm Baldrige Award Criteria

  • ---Quality Assurance

    Theories and Applications

    Functions of a Quality Assurance Program

    Quality Control

    Quality Evaluation

    Quality Audit

    Education and Training

    Process Improvement


    Special Projects


    Auditing the Quality Program

    Careers in Quality Assurance

    QA Responsibilities and Operational Interactions

    The Need for and Roles of QA

    Organization of a QA Program

    QA Personnel

    The Vice President of QA

    QA Professionals

    QA Audits

  • Procedures

    In Process Monitoring

    Statistical Procedures

    The Audit Report

    Types of Audits

    Product Manufacturing Audits

    Control of Nonconforming Products

    Corrective Action

    Plant Sanitation/GMP Audits

    Plant Facilities

    Employee Hygiene

  • In-process Control

    Contamination and Adulteration

    Pest Control

    Product Quality Audits

    HACCP Audits

    Special Audits

    Document Control Audit Q

    Supplier Audits

    QC/instrument Calibration and Maintenance Audits

    Product Batch Preparation/Formulation Audits

    Quality Program Review

    QA Documentation System

    Quality Manual-

    SOP (Manufacturing and Quality) Documents

    PSM Documents

    GMO Documents"

    QCA Methods Documents

    CMP Documents -

    Equipment-Specific Sanitation Documents

    Pre-Operation Sanitation Documents

    Work Instructions


    HACCP Program Documents

  • ----Ingredient Specifications and Supplier Certification


    Raw Material Ingredient Certification Programs

    Degree of Variability


    The Supplier Quality Program (SOP)

    Supplier Qualification

    Approved Vendors List

    Supplier HACCP Qualification Standards

    Supplier HACCP/QA Qualification List by Ingredients Purchased

    Ingredient Specification/Certification

    Supplier Auditing

    Certificate of Analysis

    Third-Party Inspections

    Buying from Agents and Brokers

    Identity-Preserved Products: A New Fowl Production Scenario

    Defining IP Products

    Consumer Desire*

    Processing Improvements

    Product Attributes

  • ---Statistical Methods of Quality Control in the Food



    Statistical Tools and Strategics for Process Control Improvement

    Design and Analysis of Analytic Studies

    Definitions of Terms and Concepts

    Single Factor Experiments

    The ANOVA Methods

    The Randomized Complete Block Design: Two-Way ANOVA

    Quality Control Techniques

    Variable Control Charts

    X and R Control Chart

    X and S Control Chart

  • Attribute Control Charts



  • ---Manufacturing Audits: Control of Processing


    Objectives of Process Control

    Elements of Process control

    Education and Training

    Process Control Documentation

    Unit Operations in the Food Industry

    Materials Handling












    Overlapping Unit Operations

    Product Manufacturing Audits

    Planning the Audit


    Product-Specific Manufacturing (PSM) Procedures

    General Manufacturing Procedures

    Standard Sanitary Operation Procedures

    Analytical Control Procedures


    Quality Management Areas (Unit Operations)

    Product-Dependent Operations

    Product-Independent Operations

    Process Control Points


    Manufacturing Procedure Deviations

    Risk Deviations

    Non risk Deviations

    Non-risk Deviations to Risk Requirements

    Audit Deviations: Example

    Deviations from the Manufacturing Program

    Batching and Formulation Practices

    Traditional Chocolate Manufacturing Line

    De Lux Chocolate Manufacturing Line

    Strawberry Topping Manufacturing Line

    Ingredient Qualification and Storage Program

    Ingredient Analysis Program

    Analytical Test Methods

    Consistency lira bender

    IACCP Analysis

    Batching and Formulation Program

    Granular Sugar - Weighing Scale

    Strawberry Topping Batching

    Maple Walnut Topping

  • ---Food Plant Sanitation: Good Manufacturing Practice


    Food Plant Sanitary Practices

    Food Contamination


    Air and Waters


    Insects Rodents and Birds

    The Value of a Planned Sanitation Program

    Storage Facilities

    Litter and Garbage Disposal

    The Sanitation Audit Report

    Report Format

    Example of a Plant Sanitation Audit Report

  • --- Product Quality Audits at the Retail Level





    Preliminary Review Meeting


    Departments Involved

    Product Sampling

    Product Pick-Up


    Packaging Quality

    Sensory Evaluation

    Analytical Testing

    Example of a Product Quality Audit



    Comparison between Eureka and Classic Beef Stew Products


    Drained Weight

    Bostwick Value




    Colour Agtron

    Sensor Evaluation

    Eureka Beef Stew

    Classic Beef Stews

  • --- Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points


    The HACCP Concept

    The Importance of HACCP


    The HACCP Program

    Guidelines for Application of the HACCP Principles

    HACCP Program Prerequisites

    Education and Training

  • Development of ail HACCP Program

    The Preliminary Tasks of an HACCP Program

    Choosing the HACCP Team

    Description of the Food Product and Its Distribution

    Description of the Intended Use and Consumers of the Product

    Development of a Flow Diagram Describing a Food Product

    Manufacturing Process

    Verification of the Flow Diagram

    The Seven HACCP Principles

    Principle I: Conduct a Hazard Analysis

    Categories of Hazards

    Biological Hazards

    Chemical Hazards

    Physical Hazards

    Preventive Measures

    Questions to Consider when Conducting a Hazard Analysis


    Intrinsic Factors

    Procedures Used for Processing

    Microbial Content of the Food

    Facility Design

    Equipment Design and Use



    Employee Health, Hygiene, and Education

  • Conditions of Storage between Packaging and the End User

  • Intended Consumer

    Hazard identification

    The Raw Materials

    The Manufacturing Process

    Control Measures

    Risk Categories


    Special Considerations when Conducting a Hazard Analysis

    Deciding which Potential Hazards Must be addressed

    In the HACCP Program

    Principle: CCP Identification

    Preventive Critical Control Measures (Microbiological)

    CCP Decision Tree

    Principle: Establish Critical limits for Each CCP

    Principle: Establish CCP Monitoring Procedures

    Visual Observations

    Sensory Evaluations

    Physicochemical Evaluations

    Microbiological Analysis

  • Principle: Establish Corrective Actions Procedures

    Identifying Causes of Deviations

    Determining Product Disposition

    Recording the Corrective Action

    Reevaluating The HACCP Plan

    Principle: Establish Procedures for HACCP Verification and Validation


    Events that May Require Verification Inspection of the HACCP Plan

    HACCP Verification Protocol and Activities - Information

    In Verification Reports

    Verification Schedules


    Principle: Document the HACCP Program Establishment of Record-Keeping Procedures

    Format for HACCP Information

    Examples of Records Required during Operation of the HACCP Program

    Implementation and Maintenance of an HACCP Program

    Practical Example: HACCP Plan Model for Refrigerated Stick and Sliced Celery

    The Scope of HACCP

    Regulatory Aspects of HACCP

    Sanitation and the HACCP Concept

Food Industry - Quality Assurance - HACCP - ISO 22000

£ 2,737 VAT inc.

*Indicative price

Original amount in EUR:

3,000 €