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Summit was founded by Scott Watson in 1999. Scott is the author of "Win every time - essential lessons for existing and emerging leaders" which has received great praise from industry professionals, as well as students.Summit has facilitated events in the UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands, and Bahrain.

Advantages of studying here

Effortless LearningOur approach makes learning virtually effortless and lots of fun too. You don’t have to struggle to remember anything or take endless notes. With Summit training programmes, you can leave the teaching to us and you’ll be both thrilled and surprised at just how much you can learn in just one or two days with us. Rather than just giving you ideas and principles, our action-packed training programmes are filled with many powerful, mind-expanding exercises, and you can be certain that Summit will give you an abundance of breakthrough methods, tools, tips and techniques that will allow you to raise the bar and provide an enlightening insight in to what makes you tick as a leader, manager or team member. None of our approaches are confusing, complex or unproven. All are dynamic, easy to apply so you can see instant results.

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Leadership DevelopmentEmotional IntelligenceManagement SkillsTeam Building


Summit Consulting and Training Limited is a specialist leadership and management development consultancy based in the United Kingdom which provides a wide range of training courses including attendance management training, change management training, interview skills training and much more.Summit specialises in delivering results-focused, bespoke management training and leadership training programmes and training courses throughout the UK and more recently, across the Arabian Gulf states of Bahrain, Qatar and Dubai.

Summit Consulting & Training Ltd