Communication Skills training Northern Ireland

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Northern Ireland 6
  • Training
  • Antrim (Northern Ireland)
  • Intermediate
  • 1 Day

...Presenting to an audience, regardless of its size, in a clear and engaging way is essential to get your message across, especially in business. This course will provide you with necessary presentation skills that turn presenting from potentially scary to rather more fun and gives you the confidence... Learn about: Fundamentals of Presenting, Presentation Skills, Planning and structuring... More

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  • Training
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Advanced
  • 1 Day

... with colleagues and customers. A variety of different day-to-day workplace situations such as meetings and telephone conversations will be examined. The aim of this course is to encourage delegates to examine all forms of face-to-face communication, and to help them develop their skills to become more confident... Learn about: Presenting Ideas, Speaking Clearly, Sentence Structure... More

£ 101-200
  • Training
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Advanced
  • 1 Day

...Targeted, persuasive writing is an essential aspect of communication in any successful organisation. Effective writing styles convey a professional and credible message and project the correct image. From formal reports to composing e-mails, polished communication is key. This course is fully... Learn about: Letter Writing... More

£ 201-500
Positive Influencing Skills training in Belfast
Cosensa Learning & Development Ltd
  • Training
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Advanced
  • 1 Day

...It is not positional, but personal power that really matters. Being able to exert positive influence on people and situations will enable you to approach all kinds of work-based and social occasions in a really positive frame of mind. Positive influencing skills is designed specifically to help... Learn about: Matrix Management, Maintaining Trust, Convincing Others... More

£ 201-500
Assertiveness at Work training in Belfast
Cosensa Learning & Development Ltd
  • Training
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Advanced
  • 1 Day

... delegates to take responsibility for their own development and enables them to communicate with more confidence and develop positive responses to a wide range of situations. This course is designed to give delegates the opportunity to learn, practice and receive feedback on the skills and behaviours... Learn about: Being Persuasive, Dealing with People, Positive Body Language... More

£ 201-500
Outbound Telephone Sales training in Belfast
Cosensa Learning & Development Ltd
  • Training
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Advanced
  • 1 Day

... telesales structure Use simple communication skills to gather information and gain commitment Recognise and respond to buying signals Describe the structure... Learn about: Overcoming Objections, Incoming Calls, Selling a Product... More

£ 201-500