Twitter is a great way to stay updated about news, events and exclusive offers online. It’s a place to find like-minded people and exchange information about your sector, industry or interest.
Here at Emagister we want to be the first to know what happens in the world of education and we want to provide this information to people all over the world as fast as we can. Of course we rely on news sources but another important source is actually Twitter.

We follow about 1000 interesting people that help us provide this information. But how did we find them? By searching, looking, reading one by one.
To give you an advantage we have listed the top 10 accounts that we follow.

Followers: 4595
On Twitter: USNewsEducation is a really great place for any student or teacher to check out if you want to stay updated about the absolute latest in education and receive interesting and useful tips and advices. Information about tuition discounts, the best schools, “Best Practices” and much more.
Tweets: High volume.
Best Tweet: Is a college degree still worth it? 12 experts weigh in.


Followers: 4595
Company: 9th Period is a global social education network and academic platform.
On Twitter: 9th Period Marketing Education News provides good, useful and fun content about anything related to education.
Tweets: 5-10 tweets/day
Best Tweet: Why? Why not? What if? Questioning Our Way to a Better Tomorrow #education #news


Followers: 13175
Company: WeejeeLearning is an award-winning learning design and development company specializing in custom e-learning, social learning and mobile learning. The company delivers customized learning programs that help companies drive sustainable change and improve business results.
On Twitter: Just taking a look at Ian Huckabee’s bio and photo makes you want to follow him. I mean look at that smile! Ian tweets about online learning, the digital world in general and events/conferences related to online education.
Tweets: In between 5-6 Tweets per day
Best Tweet: Working to improve online learning through research


Followers: 3434
Company: Edutopia
On Twitter: Elana Leoni is passionate about change in education, technology and social media. She also writes for Edutopia. She tweets about education news but what made us open our eyes a littlebit extra was the amount of conversations on her tweet-line. She is really interacting with her followers.
Tweets: Daily tweeter
Best Tweet: ”It takes guts to argue with success, guts & insight. And it’s the best way to make things better.” via Seth Godin


Followers: 3116
On Twitter: Lynn O’Shaughnessy is a journalist, speaker college blogger for and has her own blog: She tweets about college issues, happenings and news.
Tweets: Daily tweeter
Best Tweet: Just stumbled across this great piece on the #college #studentloan crisis. Definitely worth reading.


Followers: 42485
On Twitter: Edutopia is a great place to find information news about education. Both on their website and through their Twitter account you can find a lot of relevant information.
Tweets: Daily
Best Tweet: [Trending] Guide: 6 Tips for Brain-Based Learning:



Followers: 1270
Company: Talk Coach is a team of speech and language therapists. Talkcoach in education focuses on speech, language and communication to realise learning potential.
On Twitter: Talk Coach Education provides information for parents, language and communication problems and general education news.
Tweets: Updated pretty regularly, sometimes up to 10 tweets per day and sometimes less.
Best Tweet: Expert parent – NEW resources for parents of children who stammer @stammer


Followers: 3868
On Twitter: Tami Brass gives us reflections on technology, teaching and how they impact learning.
Tweets: Daily tweeter.
Best Tweet: 10 Beneficial Facebook Pages For Educators To Check Out


Followers: 7219
On Twitter: Milton Ramirez runs a great blog and tweets about interesting ideas and opinions related to education.
Learning, Knowledge, Tech and Social Media would be a few good word to describe this account.
Education & Tech covers tender questions of human living and rougher matters rotting the educators core.
Tweets: Lots. More than 10 Tweets/day.
Best Tweet: Differentiation: The Dirtiest Word In Education Today.


Followers: 1871
Person: Tammy L-Cymbalisty is a certified Yoga teacher, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Meditation Teacher and Workshop facilitator.  She also operates a company offering various health and yoga courses.
On Twitter: We like Tammy’s wise phrases. We can Tweet all day about education but once in a while it’s nice to stop for a second and post a thoughtful phrase that makes you think, not just read.
Tweets: More or less daily Tweets.
Best Tweet: “Just because today is a terrible day doesn’t mean tomorrow won’t be the best day of your life. You just gotta get there.” @successnation





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