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Assertiveness in Action

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Typology Training
Methodology Inhouse
Duration 1 Day
  • Training
  • Inhouse
  • Duration:
    1 Day

To help delegates to recognise and acknowledge their positive attributes.. To explain different types of behaviour, and how it can be handled.. To recognise when to say "No", and how to do it without offence.. To enable delegates to manage conflict in any setting.
Suitable for: Business professionals

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Course programme

Assertiveness in Action Benefits of attending:
· High quality training by experienced management consultant
· Practical exercises to support the learning process
· Training can be geared to your individual organisation's situation

Outline of programme:

Delegates will learn how to:

· Spot the difference between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
· Recognise the effects of each type of behaviour on others
· Understand themselves better, and decide what they really want
· Look and sound confident
· Replace negative with positive thinking, as a lifetime habit
· Deal with other people's expectations
· Reinforce images of their own success
· Learn to "power- listen"
· Deal with people who disagree
· Recognise risks and learn from mistakes
· Practice a one minute exercise every day to increase confidence
· Prepare a Personal Action Plan to help them apply the techniques

Note: There is no role-play or video work in this course.

Course duration: This course normally operates as a 1 day course, depending on the depth required and issues which need to be covered. It can also be run as part of a series, together with Effective Communications, Positive Customer Care and Presenting with Confidence.

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