Are you a sea lover? Do you feel more comfortable swimming in the ocean than walking in the street?

If you aspire to organise your life along the sea, so that you can feel the breeze and listen to the waves every day, maybe you need to find a career that will allow you to do that.

Become a professional diver and choose among a variety of interesting career opportunities!

In this field, you could become a public safety diver and work with rescue people in the ocean or a commercial diver and work in underwater construction or ship maintenance.

But, if you love to study,then you could become a research diver and contribute to oceanic and marine biology research. In addition, you could help with environmental protection and conservation.

How to become a professional diver?

First things first. If you want to get into this career, you need to reach the minimum health and education requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED

Then, of course, there are some skills that you cannot skip:

  • Good swimming skills
  • Good physical health

Once you make sure that you’re fit enough for the job, you can go to the next step: whichever role you choose to take, you need to get certified!

To be able to dive safely, you will need to take a diving training that will get you a certification.

How you get scuba certified

Get your scuba certification. The training for scuba diver is broken into three steps:

  •  classroom time
  • confined water dives in swimming pools
  • open water dives

But there are different types of certifications you can choose from, depending on where you want to see yourself in the future: to work as a diver you will need the right skills and qualifications for your industry, as well as learning how to dive.

So, if you want a specific job, pursue specialized certifications. Do a little research before you choose and find out which certifications are required for the position you want. In addition, if you are planning on working offshore in other countries, try to choose only certifications recognised worlwide.

Now it’s time to turn your passion into a carrer!

Normally, your dive school have lots of connections to the industry, use this connections to learn about new opportunities and ask them to set you up with potentials employers.

Another option, is to look on the best websites for jobs to find commercial diving opportunities.

Nowadays, there is a high demand for professional divers, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding positions to apply for!

At the end, if you want to become a professional diver, there’s only one thing that is really important: the ocean. Being comfortable in the underwater environment and with the physical feeling of diving is the only necessary skill you need to sharp and improve.

Never lose the love you have for it so that you will live for your passion and not for your work!

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