The arising leadership of women is a social interest. A lot of companies are starting to move around women’s empowerment and even have been creating policies regarding leadership.


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Despite this, women face everyday different challenges. For example, trying to pass the invisible barrier of being at top management positions, but at the same time, having to lead suicidal missions. In these cases failure would be less risky, since public opinion will always be more indulgent about a female failure rather than a man’s. 


Since the topic’s been getting more and more attention, more women are starting to lead big organisations.  There are some schools that are constantly looking for options to help leader women -or potential leader women- overcome these challenges and learn more about their role in society.


Frankfurt School of Business and Management, which is a renowned school regarding leadership, launched in 2018 the Women’s Leadership Academy”.  This programme focuses on this topic in a fair way.  It’s not a light version of their leadership programme. Not one that segregates women’s capacities. It is about a strong campaign in order to boost women profiles as leaders at the same time that erases the invisible barriers.

Then…What is the Women’s Leadership Academy at Frankfurt School?

This is a five day open enrolment on campus programme. Aims at women with approximately seven years of experience in lead positions of every industry and country. The objective is to enhance the student’s leadership effectiveness through analysis, research, networking, and personal development. 


Several skills are boosted in this programme such as communication in negotiation and public speaking. Both essential in leading positions. 


The final result of the first year of the programme let Frankfurt School prove that their aim was accurate. That’s why they decided to keep offering the programme to female leaders of the world.

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