In the world of creativity there’s a marvellous place for Arts and Crafts, which can be used both as a career or as a hobby. Artists are most common people who create pieces as a way to express feelings and thoughts.

In this article we want to tell you a bit more about this field of study, so, if you feel like you’ve always wanted to do something with it but don’t know how to focus, this will help!

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First, let’s start defining Arts and Crafts as every activity that involves using your hands in creative, good looking, and, why not, good tasting products.

There are a lot of types of materials and activities that can be used such as woods, fibres, also fabrics, accessories, ceramic, and much more to create a unique piece. You can also cook different ingredients in order to make a delicious meal.

A lot of people become this hobby as their profession, and decide to work as sole-proprietors or find a job in a company. As talent is essential, having the needed skills in order to make a good job will make you shine.


What should I study?

There are infinite careers you can choose; it depends on your interests! It could be knitting, painting, cooking, drawing or even visual arts. To start with it, you should first analyse which activity do you feel more comfortable with. There will be different duties that you will have to complete if you study any of these careers, but to give you an example, crafts and fine artists usually do activities such as:

          Creating pieces of art with different materials

          Making sketches as a guide to work

          Showing their pieces in auctions, fairs, galleries.

          Develop creative ideas or new methods for making art


Craft and fine artists specialize in one or more careers like cartoonist, sculptors, sketch artists, cookers, glass, tattoo and video artists. The work environment are usually studios in order to create the pieces and showing them to the public.


If you’re looking to start a career out of it, you can think of enrolling into a new course in the matter you like the most, or even start doing it online so you can complete it at your own pace.


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