Chemistry has an undeserved reputation for being boring and complicated science. But, have you ever thought about the importance of chemistry in everyday life?

If you are studying chemistry, you might ask yourself this question a lot and finding an answer to it, id your homework for today.

Chemistry is everywhere

Everywhere there is chemistry and everything is made of chemicals!

You, your cactus, your dog and even your breath is made of chemicals if you think about it.

So, how could something be so omnipresent in our lives not be just as much important?

Everything changes

All around you, many of the changes you observe in the world are caused by chemical reactions. For example, have you ever wondered why food changes color when it’s cooked?

It’s all about (chemicals) reactions

All of our emotions, thoughts, opinions and feelings are a bundle of chemical reactions!

We are designed to enhance our existence and better insure the survival of our species. These reactions can control your mood and change it, making you become a different person. Happiness, sadness and love. It is all about chemistry at the end.

Have fun with chemistry

Chemistry can be used to make colors change and glow in the dark. You can use chemistry to explore and discover the world around you and to try science projects. Isn’t it fun?

So learn chemistry and how to perform any interesting experiments!

Why take chemistry

Everyone can and should understand basic chemistry. But if you are really into it, you should think about take a course in chemistry or even make a career out of it.

Students wanting to become chemists, doctors, future scientists, physicists,  geologists, pharmacists..All have to study chemistry! The importance of chemistry is undeniable and it is, and it will remain, a promising career path, so you might really want to make a career out of it.

Keep following Emagister’s guide and discover what you need to study to become an expert chemist!



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Texas A&M University at Qatar
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