Impact Factory is a Training and Professional Personal Development Consultancy based in London with clients around the world. Founded in 1991 by Jo Ellen Grzyb, a psychotherapist, and Robin Chandler, an actor, creating a unique experiential training method, Professional Personal Development, that puts the person at the centre of learning.

Their vision focused on building a more collaborative and fairer world by building people’s strengths and confidence interest us! For this reason, we decided to interview them so you can discover the core of their work!

Impact Factory want to change the world, one person at a time, by providing practical tools to build confidence and interpersonal skills!

Impact Factory trains several thousands of happy delegates from across the world every year, from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs and charities, across all industries. Clear proof that our training works and sticks.

Since the beginning, Impact Factory has wanted to change the world, one person at a time, by providing professionals attending our courses with the practical tools to build their confidence and interpersonal skills in the workplace and in life.

Everything we do is about people.

Our vision is to build a more collaborative, fairer world. We create positive change for organisations and individuals by building people’s strengths and confidence and providing relevant, immediately useful skills.

Tailored and Consultancy training programmes, are focused on soft skills.

Delivers courses in different formats depending on our clients’ requirements, from Communication, Presentation, Leadership and Personal Impact, to Customer Service, Creativity, People Management and One-to-One Coaching.

More than 30 Open Courses are offered where professionals can come to learn with and from delegates of different companies and countries.

A great opportunity to their delegates to deepen and practise their communication and presentation skills with our five-day Elite Courses: ‘Communicate with Impact’ and ‘Presentation with Impact’. Both courses are intensive, fun and interactive workshops where delegates from around the world can share experiences, work and present in front of an international audience and practise their best English.

Thanks to Impact Factory you will discover what you need by understanding the deepest people challenges within your organisations and providing you with the most suitable and bespoke programmes to respond to them, delivered in a unique way.

The benefits for businesses and organisations will go a long way!

Impact Factory help organisations to become more agile and adapt faster in this fast-paced world. With their programmes, your business will thrive and improve engagement, collaboration and therefore productivity, efficiency and retention. By working with the individuals, and understanding the human drives, teams are more collaborative, resilient and nimble, and the businesses more profitable and a better place to work.

A unique training method, Professional Personal Development, is fully experiential!

The programme delivery is supported by videos, kinaesthetic activities, games, and constant interaction with the other delegates. The feedback doesn’t come just from the trainers, but also from the rest of the delegates who learn from each other.

This is possible because the trainers create a safe environment where the delegates can be themselves and open up to explain their challenges. They are listened to with care, full support, in a light-hearted atmosphere.

The core values and approach that makes Impact Factory so unique!


There is no right way

Every individual learns differently, so we tailor our training to suit your organisation’s needs…


We’re relevant and practical

People learn techniques they can use straight away in their work and personal lives…


Small changes = BIG impact

We equip your people with skills and knowledge to draw upon when they need to…


We build on strengths

People respond best to positive feedback, so we make the most of what already works…


It’s all about practise

We help your people find the way that works best for them and then explain why and how it does…


We have fun!

We make sure everyone has fun with us; life’s too short not to!




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