It is not easy to keep update with the latest news from our work sector while we are working. Daily stress and working under pressure tend to make us want to get to our homes and just sleep, exercise or have a chat with our loved ones. However, it is important to move forward and to become a better professional, especially if the aim is to get promoted or to just get a better job position. Here are some advices on how to achieve one of both without wanting to add more stress hours to our everyday life.


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Learn a language

Spanish, German or Chinese are some of the most demanded. You can add this skill to your CV by practicing via Duolingo or Babel. You can also contact a language teacher for particular lessons, or learn a language through some of Emagister’s online courses. There are multiple ways to learn a language in a self-paced rhythm, without neglecting our family lives nor our hobbies and spare time.


Live abroad

It is impressive how many employers are interested in new professionals that have been living abroad, as this usually opens the mind of the future employee, which is interesting and enriching for those multicultural companies. If you work online or if your company gives you the opportunity to change where you work, maybe it’s time you give it a thought!


Keep updated

Be curious about trends in your field and how these can adjust in the company you work with. Suggest these changes on your daily basis and learn the latest. For instance, if you work as a photographer, you should know everything about the latest cameras and how and when to use them; if you’re a computer programmer, you should learn about the latest IT services and systems. This is not always a matter of enrolling into new courses, but a predisposition to keep updated and proactive.


Improve your soft skills

Soft skills are those that are more related to personal traits than to what a professional may learn in university. Soft skills such as time management abilities, problem-solving skills, or self-confidence are very valued in some companies, and there is a tendency that shows that this value will increase.


Good communication

In relation to soft skills, a good communicator is very valued in a company. This is because a large amount of everyday problems or conflicts have to do with misunderstandings or few information or guidelines regarding a subject. It is important to be clear and honest when trying to explain a duty in your daily professional life.


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