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We know you’ve been thinking about how cool it would be if you can only make some money out of travelling, and we wrote this to say: yes you can!

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Nowadays with the internet revolution you can become a travel writer and earn some money while you enjoy the exciting feeling of embarking to a new destination.

If you’re interested in knowing a bit more about it, take this advices and start working on it:


Define your own narrative

All of us have different ways of communicating. The most important thing is to know how you can do it in such an attractive way.

You have to know that what you write about needs to be attractive and have reader’s attention since the title. It’s about showing your personality and defining your tone, that way you will know how to aim your market.


Set yourself in a Blog

You need a display to show your work, and what better place than a blog in internet where you can get visitors all over the world!

According to your own style and personality, you will have to think in a name that suits perfectly to it. Also think about the fonts, colour and icons that will compose your site.

One pro tip: get your site hosted and built with the proper tools.


Quality in content is a must

A good writer is made out of experiences. Readers want to learn about interesting things based on real experiences. That’s why you need to write about those you’ve had to share details that endure your recommendations.

Keep in mind that in internet, people search for places in the most specific way in order to plan their trips. So don’t be afraid to talk about that small cafe in that corner, or to show off that amazing plate of typical food you had while enjoying the sunset near that beautiful beach.

Go for it, and if you can add multimedia to it: videos, photos or even GIFs.

Also, keep in mind that How-To articles are a great option while writing your blog posts. It’s a constructive way to help your readers with bonus information they can’t find easily in other sites. For example: “How to Travel to Asia with Low Budget” or “Learn How to Skip Lines in Disney’s Magic Kingdom”.


Learn about the travel and tourism industry

The growing offer of content in internet is your ally if you have a differential plus. In this case, don’t only focus on travelling and writing, it’s also interesting to read content from someone who speaks from its expert knowledge.

It will also help you to plan in a more organized way your own trips, managing and setting a budget, booking hotels/ motels, what to wear, types of food, etc.

There are courses you can do in the comfort of your home (online based) that will endure your narrative and advices.


Check, check and double check

Before uploading your posts, you need to supervise the article over and over again. This includes grammar and also clarity. Think that none at first sight will be interested in your article, and you need to earn their attention with eye- catching titles and well developed content.


Feel free to ask someone close to read it and give you feedback. Ask them what did they understand and make sure it matches your intention. Was it interesting and helpful? If the answer is yes, just upload it and trust your skills.


With these advices you’re ready to start making money out of your passion. Visit emagister.co.uk and discover lots of helpful courses that will enrich this path and inspire you to go a step beyond.



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