Start a new personal project is something that most of us think about. The “be my own boss” concept and the idea of starting something exciting is quite attractive for everyone, even though we might assume some risks.

Starting your own business requires a series of steps in order to achieve better results. Nothing guarantees success, but if you follow these 5 steps it will help you get your objectives.

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First step:

This might sound oldie but is essential to be patient. Starting your own project it’s not a piece of cake, so you need to keep motivated and face every single obstacle. Don’t quite at the first one, believing in your own idea and persisting in it is as important as the rest of the following steps.

Second step: what are you giving to costumers?

Think about what you’re offering and how it is making things easier for your clients. Who are you really selling to? Define your objective public, find out what their needs are and how will you satisfy them. Adapt to their needs and also be aware that nowadays, consumers are becoming more demanding.


Third step: having a good team is the key to success

A professional project is hardly built without a team, especially if the objective is to reach the top, creating a business so successful and profitable in long term. This is why it is so important to be surrounded by a great team. It must be balanced: compliment skills and talents, and also interpersonal characteristics.


Fourth step:

By this step we already have a great team and a defined objective public, now is time for a crucial part of the plan: how will it be financed? How to get funds to make our dream come true? There are public grants for entrepreneurs you can access to, also think about adding your own capital, savings and personal funds to start. Not depending on mortgages or loans will always give you more financial independency.


Fifth step:

Be aware that the project will have different phases, it starts growing and keeps evolving every now and then, the most important thing is that you learn from mistakes, and keep in mind that there will always be things to improve.


Don’t stop learning from your experience but also look for courses that will help you enrich your path. You can look through our educational catalogue in order to find the most suitable course for you!



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