Many people think about sports as a hobby that keeps health habits. But, there are some others who find passion in it and even turn this discipline into their profession. Sports & Exercise Science is the degree that will allow you to do that.

Have you ever think of becoming a sports teacher? Would you like to know the essentials of this degree? In this post, we will tell you more about it.

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To start with, A-levels are requirements that can vary from course to course. But regarding Sports & Exercise Science, universities will expect you to have some essential ones, at least.

It could be biology, chemistry or even maths; this is because some of them will involve lessons about physical education.

Other more specific A-levels that you can do are physical education or psychology. These are the most popular ones among students.

What’s this degree about?

This is a three years degree in which you’ll see a lot of subjects. In the first year, you’ll get in touch with more physical matters, such as anatomy, physiology and human movement introduction.

The second year will be more about biometrics, nutrition and profiling for endurance. This will give you an understanding of the very basics of sports. The third one will be more about how sports impact the body in terms of performance.  Also about other subjects like psychology.

Do I have the accurate profile?

Although many people have an interest in sports, certain skills are needed to engage in physical activity professionally. For example, you are:

  • Physical and sports skills.
  • Interest in the teaching and design of activities.
  • Dynamism and communication capacity.
  • Interest in teamwork.
  • Healthy and non-sedentary life

Where can I work?

Surely, the first reference you had about Physical Activity Sciences was your high school teacher. This is one of the most frequent work trips. Here are some options to find work with this degree:

  • Professor of Physical Education in secondary schools.
  • Physical trainer.
  • Sports coach.
  • Sports facilities manager.

Which one do you prefer? If you want to take the degree, do not forget that the physical state is as important as the theoretical training. Check the Emagister training offer and start studying when you want to.

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