In the last years of school it’s important for you to choose  your emphasis. It can be arts, science, humanities, social sciences or health.  In other words, it means choosing between number’s or letter’s careers.

If you’re reading this post, it probably means you’re already thinking about focusing on humanities. Let’s discuss a bit more about what you can study and why choosing these type of careers.

Keep in mind that even though science careers tend to be more complex, this doesn’t necessarily mean humanity’s are a piece of cake.  A lot of majors in this field are necessary to build our society, so, studying one of them can give you great opportunities. Some of them:

Benefits of studying in this field

For many reasons these majors have become more and more popular between the undergraduates. One of the most important reasons is the salaries which are good and the industries demand people with these profiles.


This is another key factor! Pursuing a degree in the humanities and social sciences offers flexibility on a number of levels. It gives you the opportunity to specialize in further education courses in order to set your career’s path.

In this field you will be able to develop  your skills in analytical, logic and presentations. With these, you learn how to get through different situations, since using critical thinking is always needed in these majors.

Humanities make students comprehend how our society works, and as this understanding is a crucial characteristic of graduates, it’s what makes them apply techniques and technologies to change the world around them.

Career’s outcome

If you enrol into one of these majors, you shouldn’t worry about finding employment. Due to all the skills acquired during your studies, you’ll be attractive for recruiters. Countless surveys have shown that most employers value written and oral communication, problem solving and critical thinking over technical expertise.

This is important since, according to a report presented by the Campaign for Social Science in 2013, 84.2 percent of social science graduates and 78.7 percent of arts-humanities graduates in the UK remained in employment 3.5 years after graduating. STEM graduates lagged behind both at 77.8 percent.


So don’t be afraid to start your career in humanities in the major you prefer. This is your opportunity to start building the future you’ve been willing to build.


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