If you want to study a career in Law and Defence in the UK there are important things you need to know in order to start successfully.

In this blog post, we will help you learn the most important facts. Let’s start!

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According to recent studies, almost 80% of the students are originally from UK and 86% choose a full time programme.

After graduating, these students usually find employment in the fields of financial and insurance, health and social work, retail trade, and public matters.


Around the UK there are several programmes that can be whether LLB, Bachelors or even masters degrees.

Every course has its own approach, since they can focus on law as an academic subject or involve more practices in order to acquire the skills needed to succeed in this field of knowledge. As other academic courses, Law and Defence can be combined with other disciplines, such as business management, accounting and banking.

If you start studying a programme of this matter, you can combine subjects from full-time, Part-time and flexible study to BA/BSc, LLB degrees and Foundation Certificates.

Before choosing your path, it is important that you’re sure whether you’ll like to focus in more law related careers or just a diploma that complements your knowledge and CV.

Entry requirements

  • A levels: you’ll need at least two if you want to enter the most popular courses, but it’s not strictly necessary to have one in Law. These requirements range from BCC to AAA, but the most commonly colleges ask for ABB. A levels that may not be accepted include subjects like art, photography and dance.
  • GCSEs: you’ll also need five of these (A-C), you can choose the ones you want but make sure to include science, English and maths.
  • Alternative options: you can choose other level 3 or 6 qualifications. These might be accepted as alternative to A levels. The best you can do is to check the requirements of the school you’ll like to apply in order to make things clear.


If you’re interested in studying a career in this field, you can find your programme at Emagister.co.uk


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