The degree in Business Administration and Management has been, for years, one of the most demanded careers in universities. It exists in almost all the Uk, although the most prestigious faculties are in London, Oxford and Cambridge, and demand and supply grows every year.

What are the causes of this continued success of Business Administration and Management studies?

First of all, it is one of the career options with the highest employability level, even in years of crisis. Companies demand profiles that can become multitasking workers, capable of working in one or several departments at the same time. Since it is a degree so open that studies many disciplines related to the company, graduates find a wide range of possibilities.

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On the other hand, Management studies have an extensive path of postgraduate studies that allow specialization. The basic triplet for this profile requires having a degree, a master and other language/s. A master’s degree in social security, for example, can make a graduate in Business Administration and Management responsible for the Human Resources department of an international company. Language proficiency, at least of Spanish, is also an important requirement for a career in the sector.

Business Administration and Management studies open many job options.

From international trade companies to the media, through hospitals, services sector, law offices and, in fact, any type of business activity. They are also a gateway to the public sector.
However, Business Administration and Management studies also have obstacles to overcome. Especially because it is one of the most demanded careers, the competition is much greater. The goal of highlighting and differentiating becomes increasingly difficult. Therefore, the tendency towards specialization is strengthened year after year, seeking an expert profile in the many branches offered by the ADE career. The options are very numerous: master’s degree in labor law, financial accounting, tax advice, management and management of SMEs, international trade etc.

Business Administration and Management will continue to be a tendency for the future because of the many possibilities it offers and will continue to offer to the next generations of professionals.

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