Creating content is nowadays so important that moves all of us (or at least the majority) to think about how to display things on the internet.

Even if it’s ourselves or a brand, we think whether it looks attractive to others or not, and the social media is so full of posts that uploading videos is becoming more popular and accepted.

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If you’re not aware of editing videos but you’re curious about it, this post will help you to learn basic aspects to boost your skills in Adobe Premiere Pro, the most renowned tool in video editing.


Import and add your clips

When you already have recorded your video material, you will need to import it to something called the Timeline. It is your work canvas and you will need it to cut and paste the fragments of videos.

Assemble the clips properly, keeping in mind their in and out points in order to make a coherent piece of work.

Sound: it wouldn’t work without it

You need to be very careful with the sound in your Timeline, since it can change the viewer’s experience while watching it.

Make sure it’s equalized in the same proportion for every clip. To do it, select them all and click the right button, select the Normalize All Peaks To: option and set it with the same number is displaying in the Peak Amplitude information below.

Also remember to add transitions between each clip, setting the in and out points of the sound, that way the transition will be smoother.

Visual details will always count

When you’re editing videos it’s all about the look and feel of the masterpiece. That’s why you can always add some colour; adjust the brightness and the contrast.

To do that, there’s the Effects Panel. Select the tools you find useful and give some life to your video.


Watch it over and over again

When you edit videos, it happens that you’re too busy looking at the technical stuff that you forgets to check the basics. That’s why every now and then you must watch what you’ve done. It’s the only way to guarantee that everything’s ok. So don’t be lazy and supervise as many times as you can.


Be patient

To embark into this new world you need to understand that visual arts are subjective and everyone will have a different opinion about the result of your work.

That’s why you can always listen to those opinions and try to benefit from them but keep in mind your initial goal.

Be open to try new things, new features and tools. Adobe Premiere is been on the market for over 20 years, so you’ll not learn how to use it in a snap.

The best way to learn is by creating more and more videos, so feel free to start and try doing new things.



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