Not everyone decides to do a PhD since it’s a choice full of challenges and duties. It’s not only expensive; it also takes a lot of time and effort to finish it successfully.

People who embark in this career path are generally passionate and positive about the final result. They never regret taking the decision of completing the degree despite some doubts during the programme.

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According to HR experts, a candidate’s profile is always better if they have a PhD, since this demonstrates innovation skills and the capacity to get out of the comfort zone.  In fact, the most valuable asset is probably advancing a field of studies into new process and discoveries.

Read in this blog post what are those things you can expect after completing a PhD.

What salary should I expect?

After successful completion of a PhD, students in the UK can make an average of £15,020 a year. This can fluctuate depending on the location, the field and the organisation the former student works for.

What types of jobs can I apply to?

This depends on your preferences, but there are some common roles that PhD students usually take.

They frequently focus on more scientific jobs, involving researches in clinical, chemical and physics fields. Also, they choose to work in the education sector. Indeed, a lot of graduates involve in the teaching and education area.

What should I highlight in a job interview?

As a PhD, you need to demonstrate your knowledge and abilities. Focus on those skills you acquired during your studies, such as:

  • Communication Skills: comment your oral presentations and lectures
  • Problem-solving skills: during your studies you faced a lot of research problems that needed to be fixed. Tell how you solved them!
  • Creative thinking: you were forced to think outside the box all the time in order to find out new results.
  • Management skills: not just because you had to manage your time and resources, but also because you learn to manage your own team or mentored other students.


To be a Doctor of Philosophy is to be at the top of your area, during your studies you were capable of create new knowledge and that’s why you completed this degree successfully. What’s next it’s up to you! Choose to keep learning in order.

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