Relaxing body, soul and mind to live better: this is the immediate description of yoga. This discipline has its roots in ancient India; it is a meditative tool has become a synonym of physical exercise. Today it’s more common to find yoga classes to help the body achieve general well-being.

This blog is intended to help you discover yoga and start practicing this noble art.

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What is yoga?

Yoga is not just meant to relax. It is much more. It is a millenary tradition that brings together body, philosophy, religion … a truly fascinating lifestyle. What we do know for sure is that among other things, yoga helps improve our quality of life.

Even science has confirmed the many benefits of yoga: it improves strength, muscular flexibility detoxifies the body from toxins, slows down aging, it’s ideal for back pain, helps the cardio-circulatory system to function. And at the mental level it reduces anxiety, depression, insomnia, allows stress management, emotions and to have a better concentration.

There are various types of yoga; they’re different in terms of dynamism, rhythm and intensity. Among the main ones we find:

  • ASHTANGA YOGA: it is the most physical and intense one, suitable for those who already practice sports and wants to have a more elastic body.
  • BIKRAM YOGA: it’s very useful for those who want to lose weight. In fact, it includes exercises that make you sweating and eliminate toxins.
  • HATHA YOGA: this is the closest to the traditional one, focuses mainly on breathing and relaxation.
  • POWER YOGA: as the name indicates, it is the most “sporty” yoga, designed to lose weight and release stress. It is more physical yoga and less related to the spiritual aspect.

The discovery of yoga as a method of relaxation has led to the birth of various “alternative” yoga techniques such as: yoga for the office, where the exercises are done sitting at a desk. It might be useful for students who spend a lot of time in the chair.

What are you waiting for? We bet that the benefits on mind and body will be immediate!


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