There are a lot of creative people that find passion in fashion design and accessories. Clothing has always been such a fundamental element in our society.

It not only represents our personality and likes, but it also reflects the time we’re currently living in. Would you like to have your own clothing brand? In this article we will tell you how to have it.

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Some design suggestions

Whether you’ll design clothing or accessories, these tips will help you start planning your own business.


Learn deeply about the industry

Do some research about what have been done recently and what not, the patterns and fabrics. Also be aware of designers, styles, trends and collections, as it will allow you to learn from their experience.

It goes beyond knowing the industry, it really about falling in love with it. That you’re always updated and understanding how it works out of passion, not because it’s the duty. In this sector, more than in any other, vanguard is an extra.

You need to create something really innovative, differential. Don’t let the opportunity to learn something new about the fashion world; it is a passionate and surprising one.


Have foundations to create

Designer’s clothes are not just regular pieces. There’s a lot of research and study behind it, everything connects and tell a story. It is usual to do a tribute to a former style.

So, look for a why in each of your designs, base in real facts. At the end is about creating something that already exists but in a different way. This is the most attractive challenge of the profession.



The bases can be a starting element for a message that you are going to send. Think that what you’re doing is art. An exhibition, for example has its own theme and discourse. That theoretical framework is what you have to give to your designs to be much more complete and interesting when it comes to tell a story.

This is also known as Storytelling, to be able to adapt your work and to give an introduction, a climax and an outcome. Locate a problem or question of interest, address it and present your own solution as creative as possible. It’s not just about fashion; it’s about an artistic element, an interpretation of the world that is original.


Look for quality

Speaking about quality it’s not about the fabrics or materials, it also includes concepts such as sewing and design.


Set the pattern you will use

A pattern is the pre-visualization of your piece; this is why the ideal is to have a basic one. For example a T-Shirt without sleeves. Then, try it on different types of bodies, so you can see how it will look like. This way, you can find out which accessories will look better with your design.



Cotton Voile, rayon, denim, satin… There are plenty types of materials you can work with. This will determine the look and feel of your design.

This makes it necessary to study them all in a very complete way. Reflect the desired fabric according to the season of the year, in what colors you can have it and what impression it causes, etc.


Designing fashion and accessories is a complex artistic process. It requires preparation, time, understanding and notions. At the same time, all this will help you to leave your mark in this world that, like others, is very competitive. And with all these recommendations, you can start and do it as soon as possible.


If you want more advice or have more questions, we recommend you visit the Emagister website.  Contact us through this link!


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