Whether you’re studying a career in catering or you’re looking forward to it, this blog post will be absolutely helpful.

This industry is moving so fast and have been changing toward the years. It’s been growing for the last 2 years more than expected, according to recent studies.

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Statista, a great portal of market share statistics, assures that an average British household spent approximately 86.51GBP eating out in 2016.

This represents the importance of the catering industry in the UK.

Learn in this article the tendencies of this sector so you can use it when working in it.


Author’s Kitchen

Skills and talent are always profitable in this industry. This is why a specialized kitchen with innovative dishes and technology is a tendencie.

Public demands more elaborated products, sweets with special looks and colours, flavour mixtures. They want to have an experience while going out to eat.

This doesn’t mean you need to have a super fancy restaurant, this tendency includes bakeries and coffee shops, for example.



Apps like Deliveroo or JustEat are having so much popularity because they understood the target: millennials. They don’t need to go out eating, they like to do it at home while watching series.

The take-away modality is growing as well, a lot of restaurants are working with it. The food delivery market has shown a 10% growth year-on-year and is now worth £4bn.


…And sustainability

As the delivery sector grows, another tendencie pops up. There are several restaurants working only as delivery ones. This has been increasing the opportunity for operators that provide these kitchens with innovation. Reusable materials, plastic free containers, and everything involving sustainability.

People prefer to have a dinner in a restaurantthat cares about the environment, rather than in an opposite one.


Look for different job alternatives

If you also enjoy doing more administrative roles, this tendency is perfect for you. The increasing demand on the sector of foodservice is requiring people with more skills.

Not only the gastronomic ones, but also project managing and business managers. These profiles are able to consult and advise about concepts and ideas.


So, it would be a good idea for you to acquire some experience in in these areas. It will boost your employability.

Foodservice industry will always be founded on a true passion. People who work on it, do it out of vocation more than obligation. Don’t be afraid to innovate with different menus, try to give your customers a better experience. Let yourself create the craziest ideas.

All these tendencies mentioned above, are hints that allow you to know where the foodservice industry is going to. Feed yourself with new knowledge al be prepared to shine.

If you’re currently looking for new courses, don’t hesitate to look at our educational catalogue or contact us for further information.

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