Telling stories is a common activity we enjoy doing day by day. How many times have you listen to a story and wanted to know its end?

The current phenomenon of storytelling is all about this: a strategy from brands/companies, to get customers to listen to their stories patiently. To achieve this, they use a crucial factor: emotions.

Once the audience is connected by heart, it will be easier to have prosumers, which are clients who consume and promote your brand.

If you’re interested in starting with a storytelling strategy, read this post and learn the very basic!

Essential aspects:

Define the subject:

start by choosing that key element that may connect the audience with your brand. A good way to engage them is by telling about personal or deeper things, like what’s your day by day activity like? Or what are those failures that made you what you are today? Think about a value or adjective that will make the audience identify with.

Use transmedia:

this means telling the story into the different platforms of social media. You can do it by connecting the posts with the same argument thread but using different content. This way, you’ll create a puzzle that users can build day by day with your posts.

Include email marketing

don’t forget to include this channel as part of your storytelling strategy. You can create attractive newsletters so your subscriptors can interact with the information. Add links that redirect to your webpage, social media and videos.


this is such a tendency and you must be aware of it. Use the power of these to tell your story and give a different type of content to your users. Generate debates, make the audience think or just give them a time to relax and have a good time with your stories.


use this technique to make users more interested. Keep their attention by offering rewards for completing actions, for example, sharing your content or participating in your contest to earn something.

Implement these storytelling techniques and boost your brand! If you have barely heard of them, you can learn a bit from each in our educational catalogue. Embark into this world and shine!

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