Are you thinking of learning German but you think it’s very difficult or don’t have time? In Emagister we have the best solution. We offer you courses to study German. Whether you are a beginner, want to improve your skills or specialize in this language, at Emagister we have the perfect German classes for you. We help you find the course that best suits your needs.

Studying German opens many doors, both socially and professionally, since on the one hand, you will have the freedom to be able to communicate in many countries naturally without having to resort to the translator and demonstrating, in this way, your ability to adapt, and On the other hand, companies such as Seat, Lidl, Volkswagen, Adidas or Siemens among others, have their headquarters in Germany, so your chances of being hired will improve.

Interpreting and Translation BA Honours
Middlesex University
Price on request
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German- Levels 1-4
£ 19
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As a curious fact to sign up for a German course, we want you to know that, this language, has more than 180 million speakers, is the second most spoken language in Europe and the tenth in the world. It is the official language of countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.

Read on and discover more information about German levels and courses.

The levels

As in any language, German is divided into groups, exactly into three. In the basic German course (A1-A2) you will be able to acquire any linguistic competence from 0. You will start as a beginner but soon you will be able to improve your training and move to intermediate German (B1-B2), in which you can begin to develop yourself by engaging in basic conversations about daily life, among other topics such as your family or a presentation about yourself. Finally, we can find the advanced level (C1-C2) where you can delve into more current topics and maintain a fluid conversation in any situation in which you find yourself.


Do you want to know what level of German you have? Click here and discover it!


In the next section you will find the 5 best courses to learn German online and remotely.


Online and distance German courses

German course Level A1, A2 and B1. With these distance German classes you can choose your ideal start date with a duration of 6 months. This educational program begins with a basic level and progresses progressively thanks to the acquisition of language skills.

German courses.  The European Institute of Journalism and Communication offers this 600-hour online German course with the start date of your choice. A program in which you will deepen both the basic grammar and the ability to read and vocabulary in different areas of life.


Now you have the necessary information to take a step further and make the decision to study German, whether for work or hobby. Do not hesitate to consult our Emagister courses and select the one you like best and fits your needs. Start with German!

German, BA (Hons)
Swansea University
Price on request
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German Language Level A1
One Education
£ 425
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