The payroll and pension industries have been changing since forever, not just because of the impact of technology, but also due to legislation updates. As professionals, it is important to never stop learning everyday by the hands of experts that lead you to success thanks to commitment and experience.


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At Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) you can enroll into multiple courses that will adjust to your needs and will help you become the professional you’ve always dream about. CIPP sits on more government consultation forum than any other payroll organisation in the UK, and it has been providing support and education since 1980.


Whether you want to start in this industry or already have a background in it, CIPP has certificates, qualifications and training courses which are certified by the e CPD Certification Service, the independent CPD accreditation centre.


Some courses:

CIPP has a lot of courses you can enroll into. We want to highligh three of them:


1. Essential additions to payroll basics

In this course you will develop knowledge in essential elements of payroll like: handle NICs calculations, make basic calculations for voluntary pay rolling of benefits, and calculate a variety of attachment orders.


If you are planning to work as a payroll responsible or in HR areas this program will suit perfectly for you.

Learn more about it here.


2. CEO Pay Ratio Reporting

According to the Government’s legislation from 1 January 2019, some companies have to disclose figures and narrative about the ratio between the pay of their CEOs and the average of employees.

Even though this new legislation applies to financial starting years from January 2020 onwards, it’s important that you start your preparations in order to calculate the ratios according to your recent data.

Learn more about this course here.


Salary sacrifice and other optional remuneration arrangements

This is a half day course that will help you understand the legal and payroll implications of salary and other remuneration arrangements.

You will learn throughout practical cases what makes a successful salary sacrifice arrangement, the payroll implications and the potential state benefits.

Learn more about this course here.


If you’re interested in learning more about this, do not hesitate to contact Chartered  Institute of Payroll Professionals through Emagister.

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