Internet is currently an essential tool for any company. No matter its size, every organisation should know about online marketing for SMEs. Entering this small, but at the same time great world, can give us great and numerous options, from getting new customers, improving our image or making the business more eye-catching and colorful.

Upgrade or fail

Having a good web positioning is not free. It requires a constant effort and an investment that depends on our objectives. In these cases, the budget is the key concept, since it will define the strategy. If we consider this budget too high, we can always do the web positioning on our own. Just keep in mind that it’s important to do practical courses. This will help you understand what to do and how to measure your results.

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Online marketing is not only a need in every single company, it is a priority.


Online marketing program for SME’s

First of all, we need to study the target and the real market  and analyze the competitors. It’s crucial to understand our business, the industry it is located in and know its strenghts and opportunities. This way we can compare it to our key competitors and plan your actions according to these findings.

When we are aware of our strengths, we can tell the extra plus that difference us from the rest, and this is the key to create the online


Create a webpage

This must be clear and specific. The more intuitive it is, the better your clients will like it. If you choose free images, make sure they are in remarkable quality.

The webpage must generate feedback between company and clients, try adding the PayPal payment method since it will make your site more reliable.

Product presentation is also important. When someone buys online, he/she only has an impression of the product. This is why it has to have all the key information and be specific on its characteristics. Try adding photos of every angle. Every time a client leaves your site; it means you’ve lost a selling opportunity.



This is a good way to have better positioning. You need to think about the possible inquires your clients may have in order to provide them with helpful information. If this is accurate, it’ll be easier to appear in the web searches.

Think that in this site, you’ll be able to generate impressions to your clients, increase and create associations.


Social Media

Without it, there’s no online marketing plan for SME’s. Interactivity will help you get to your potential clients and create your own community. To make this happen, the best social networks are Facebook and Instragram. Also, Twitter or LinkedIn according to the industry you work in.

To be effective, you need to evaluate which social media networks are most commonly used by your audience. This way you’ll get closer to it.


Online Advertising

Google Adwords and other similar web search engines are essential tools to generate payed traffic to your web. With Adwords you can add your advertisements in the first positions in Google. After that, you’ll pay once users click your advertisment.

Another advertising method is to pay in social media displays. If you want ot use Facebook Ads you can do your advertising campaign in both Facebook and Instagram and decide to whom is addressed and how much money do you plan to invest.

This second methods is effective and simple; you’ll have an impression of what’s your target and paying a reasonable amount of money.



Having opinions in your web helps when it comes to sell. Usually, before buying something, we like to see what others have to say about that product. This is why having good feedback of previous costumers is going to help.

Thanks to Trustpilot, consumers rate all the process in a online buy through 5 stars. This tool will also allow you to motivate clients to leave some reviews, by giving them some discounts after doing it.


“Digital marketing will be one of the areas with the highest demand this 2018” and the area of ​​e-commerce and communication and content is on its heels”, affirms the Higher Institute for Internet Development (ISDI).

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