Java is a programming language used to create web applications and platforms. It is meant to let developers “write once, run anywhere” (WORA), which means that it can be run on all platforms.

It was designed for flexibility and according to Java, more than a billion computers and three billion mobile phones worldwide run Java.

If you find yourself curious about the modern world of coding, read on this article and learn more about it.

Why is Java so popular nowadays?

12 years of experience have proven Java as an exhaustive, updated and consistent provider. A great community of developers has worked hard in order to develop a high-performance environment, helping the business provide more services while reducing the costs by making applications available.


What can you do with Java?

  • Create programs
  • Develop applications for stores, HTML, polls, etc.
  • Write and run software and applications for phones, wireless modules, and any other electronic device.


Where can you study Java?

PCWorkshops is a specialist provider of training courses in Java coding, Android Studio, Databases, SQL, Business Intelligence Software and MS Project. You can enroll in their courses in both classroom and virtual classroom methods.

The courses are tailored according to the user’s needs, and when requested, PCWorkshops offer 1-1 and in-house training.

Generally, students come from software companies as coders, new coders, data analysts and all others who use large sets of data.



These courses are perfect for IT professionals; you have a wide list of courses like:

  • Java Taster
  • Java Crossover
  • Java OOP
  • Java Beginners
  • Java intermediate
  • Java Bootcamp

PCWorkshops guarantee: to book a Java developer certification course at PCWorkshops will be worth your while!



This is another popular programming language, its popularity is currently on the rise because more companies are using it to make coding easier.

For example, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and more big companies use Python as one of their primary languages, this is the reason why it’s important to learn it.

At PCWorkshops you can enroll in different courses regarding this programming language:

  • Python Programming “Taster” Course
  • Python Programming Basics Course
  • Python Programming For Data Analysis Course
  • Python Machine Learning Course
  • Python SciKitLearn Course


Database (SQL courses)

SQL is a language that enables you to interact with relational databases. It’s normally used to store, update and manipulate data.

You can choose the most suitable SQL database training course, which varies from: database design, big data, data visualization, and SQL courses.

Do you want to learn all the information about this centre? Contact us and we will help you find the ideal course.

If you’re currently studying in PCWorkshops, share your opinion with us through this form.


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