One of the 7,000 languages ​​that exist in the world, Chinese (in its 10 variants) is the most spoken one. There are 1.3 billion speakers in the world (both native and knowledgeable of the language).

This is because China has established itself as one of the largest markets in the world, so mastering Chinese is an advantage in our society. Do you want to know why you should learn Chinese? Here are 5 reasons why and where you can study it.

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Why study Chinese?

Although there are 10 variants of Chinese, when we speak this language we generally refer to Mandarin Chinese called “pǔtōnghuà” (普通話 / 普通话 “speaks of common communication” ).

As we have said, learning Mandarin Chinese is important for many reasons. Imagine learning how to speak the most spoken language in the world! A lot of doors will open.

Here are the 5 main reasons why you have to study it:


·      Gain skills to join the business world. China is a country of high potential in the international market. Being able to communicate in Chinese with entrepreneurs will help you to expand your labor market and get better opportunities.

·      Worldwide: Chinese is also the second most used language on the Internet, therefore mastering this language can give you very broad knowledge both in social and labor matters.

·      Expand your job profile. Recently, the search for people who know how to defend themselves in Chinese has increased. If you want your profile to fit better with the market, don’t wait any longer!

·      It’s not as hard as it looks. Used to another language family and the Latin alphabet, Chinese, at first glance, may be difficult. But it is not like that! If you learn from 2000 to 3000 characters you can speak with some ease, and this does not take much time.

·      Enrich your culture. Chinese is a dominant language in the Asian continent, and it is surprisingly rich in culture, traditions, and customs that we do not know much. Learning Chinese will help you know more about this beautiful culture and get into it, meet native people and build new relationships.


Study Chinese when and where you want to!

We want to encourage you to study Chinese! Find here some of the best courses for you, and choose your ideal one.

Mandarin Chinese course (online)

This course, taught by OfCourse, will offer you a basic training to learn Mandarin Chinese online. It will boost your listening, reading and speaking skills. You will be able to recognize the 350 most essential characters, read and write at an intermediate level and let your conversations flow.

Interpreting and Translation BA honors  

This bachelor’s degree taught by Middlesex University is for those who want to work as professional interpreters and translators. This program takes place in London and will start on October 2020.

At the end of this BA, students will learn to move confidently between different types of texts from film scripts to business reports to legal documents.


Don’t wait anymore and start learning Chinese. Do you want to learn all the information about this? Contact us and we will help you find the ideal course.


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