When we face long study seasons, it is common to look for better ways to learn the topics we need to.

Are there any methods that help when it comes to learning? Is there any ideal time to study and prepare an exam easily?

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There are a lot of myths regarding this matter, but fortunately, a group of scientists have analyzed how does time affect this academic activity in order to reach better results. Learn in this blog post 5 essentials to establish your ideal studying time.

5 essentials about the best time to study

  1. University of Nevada’s research. According to this research in 2017, the best time to study is between 11 AM and 9:30 PM. The report states that hormonal changes affect adolescents and young people throughout the day. Therefore, the research suggests delaying the start of classes.
  2. Is the night meant for studying?. Many people prefer to study at night because they think it’s easier to memorize information by these hours. Nevertheless, this affects the biological clock and increases the need for sleep.
  3. Delayed sleep phase and nutrition. If we study feeling sleepy or hungry, we will not be able to learn properly. When we feel tired, the best thing we can do is to take a break and rest before we start studying.
  4. Study in the afternoon. Some students highlight the advantages to study after taking lunch. This happens as the environment at the university feels more relaxed.
  5. We all have different preferences. Besides the studies and recommendations, you need to listen to your body. There are people who prefer to study at night because they feel comforted by silence at home, while others tolerate getting up early. In other words: the schedule inevitably ends up being a matter of taste.


What time do you consider the best to study? Let us know your impressions in the comments bellow.

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