In the fourth quarter of the year, we usually analyze how the year has gone and the forecasts of growth in sectors the following year in terms of employment. Therefore, numerous studies are done to adapt the training offer to the labor market.

Analyzing the situation, there have been no major differences between periods, the trend has been quite continuous: engineering or jobs related to marketing and new technologies continue to rise, followed by work related to administration or the hospitality sector.

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Next, we detail a little better what are the jobs with a greater output today:


All employments related to the administrative or accounting branch have great job opportunities due to its wide range of functions. There are countless administrative courses at all levels, from a simple administrative assistant course to a certificate of professionalism of administration, through a course of farm administration.



The professional opportunities for an engineer are diverse and in numerous fields, for example, renewable energy: this field makes you specialize in a different area that will assure you some good job offers, one of this specialization could go through the course Certified Expert in Climate & Renewable Energy Finance by the Frankfurt School of Financec & Management.



For some time, studies related to Marketing and sales have increased, since companies have realized that if they do not take care of their image and their sales process it is very complicated to become competitive. Therefore, it is very important to have a good thought about what you want to transmit to the client; through online platforms or with more traditional methods. It is also very important to know how the store is going to look like, this is called visual merchandising, it makes easier the purchase process to customers. If you want to specialize in this last function in particular, the accredited Visual Merchandising course may be one of the best alternatives presented in the training market.


Hospitality Industry

Tourism is one of the most important engines of the UK. Making it one of the industries with greater job opportunities national wide. This makes it a job opportunity with an almost absolute placement percentage nowadays. Therefore, courses such as the floor waiter, government or hotel receptionist become a great training alternative.



Veterinary (Veterinary Assistant, Dog training and dog grooming)

Every day it is more common to adopt animals in our family, from the typical canary/dog to exotic animals. The result of this is the growth on offer of courses related to the care of our pets. Courses like animal training are becoming more popular: the Veterinary Assistant course  or the Dog Grooming course are the most demanded without forgetting, of course, the canine training course.


If you want more information, do not hesitate to contact Emagister. We help you find the ideal course!

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